Immunization Policy

Our policy regarding vaccines is based on the fact that we want to have a relationship of mutual trust with our patients and their parents. We respect the right of parents to make the healthcare choices that they think are appropriate for their children. And we want to serve families by being the trusted expert for both preventative and sick care. But if there is fundamental disagreement over vaccines, which we consider the single most important preventative medical intervention, then the basis for a trusting relationship is missing. Consequently, in that situation it is best for parents to find another clinic that fits their particular preferences.

Our policy is detailed below:

  • The current vaccine schedule as suggested by the American Academy of Pediatrics and the American Committee on Immunization Practices is the safest and the most effective plan for immunizations.
  • Refusal to vaccinate your child according to the recommended guidelines potentially places your child and others who are exposed to your child at risk of contracting harmful or fatal illnesses that are completely preventable.
  • The current vaccines are safe and effective. Vaccines do not cause autism or developmental disabilities.
  • Delaying vaccines or giving vaccines according to an “alternative schedule” only increases the time period that your child may be susceptible to a preventable disease.
  • We consider deviations from the suggested schedule on a case by case basis.
  • We do not accept patients whose parents refuse all vaccines.

We welcome conversations regarding any reservations, questions, or fears you may have about vaccines. We make every attempt to address parental concerns regarding vaccines because there is tremendous myth and misinformation surrounding vaccines. Our clinic tours are perfect settings to discuss any issues prior to establishing your child’s care with us.

Helpful Resources:

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